Do You Skype?

No I do not. I do cam but I do not have a set schedule.

Do You Have A Premium Snapchat?

Not anymore. My life is extremely busy with you guys, my family, & college. I do have a public snapchat but I’m not very active on it. May be if I get another phone I’ll be more active. or$TinaHeart.

Where Are Your Solo & Boy/Girl Videos?

I decided that as my 6 year Domme-iversary came I no longer wanted to film nor sell them any longer. The are now in The Vault of not being sold. 

Are You Still Filming Lesbian Clips?

I haven’t thought that far. As of right now I will not be. They will still be sold in stores & my website.

Do You Get Naked?

You guys are not worthy of seeing me naked.