Serve Me

Before you begin your application you have to send $30 Amazon E-Card to If you do not send the first Tribute then your application will not be reviewed. 

If you cannot serve me the way I deserve to be then you can order a custom video, book a one on one cam session, or spoil me with gifts. 


Positions Available:   

Adopt A Bill - I have plenty of bills that you can take of for me.

Coerced Bi - You live for BBC and everything I offer with my strap.

Financial Subs - My money subs live to keep my life luxurious. 

Foot Subs - Keeping my toes & feet at high standards.

Kik Sessions - Let's have a private conversation.

Little Subs - Guys that enjoy the Mommy Domme.

Sissification - I know how much you love dressing up for me and being my bitch but I will ALWAYS look better.

Wish List Gifts - I love receiving gifts in the mail.

Rules For Servitude

1. You will ALWAYS address me as Empress Tina.

 I will also accept Goddess Tina, Queen Tina, or if you're married you will address me as Miss Tina or Mistress Tina.

2. You Must Be Able to Tribute Me.

I accept Tributes weekly & biweekly. The only accept monthly Tributes in large amounts. I will always tell you how to send Tributes once you become owned by me.

3. You Must Be Loyal

Honesty & Loyalty go a long with me. Trust is earned & right now you cannot be trusted. I ALWAYS find out if you are being sneaky.

4. Don't Be A Pest.

Do not send me a shit ton of emails daily because I will ignore you. If I do not respond when "you" feel I should and try to reach out to me on other social media's I will block you. You are here to please ME and NOT the other way around. 

5. You Are Here For Me.

You are here for ME and ME Only. I will NEVER tell you to do something more than once. You will sacrifice for Me.  Your "wants" are no longer an option. I am a Bratty Empress and I will Always get what I want.

6. You Are Replaceable

I do NOT need you! Never forget that.